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Food & Retreat

A Food Retreat is a week of experiences that will provide delicious memories for life, it is a chance to rest in a wonderful environment and to spend time with other like-minded people.


With a population that is friendly and inviting, people from the rest of the world feel welcome and easy to enjoy! This is what we want more people to experience and that is why we are now starting the Apulian Food Retreat business.


The Puglian cuisine is clearly one of the world’s foremost cuisines, dating back a thousand years and fresh ingredients produced nearby.  With its proximity to the sea, it provides opportunities for great deeds in the kitchen!  The climate is favorable for most vegetables and provides opportunities for fresh ingredients all year round


Italy is synonymous with pasta, so of course we will also learn how to make our own pasta!  One of the evenings, instead of having dinner at a restaurant, we will be able to cook pasta ourselves together with a talented Italian pasta creator.  During the day we will have visited both the market and the dairy, so we have collected the ingredients for this dinner.  Then we eat a feast together at La Torretta!


We will have a historical look back in this country where the one who is still considered the leader who influenced the world most once lived, Julius Caesar. We will visit places with traces of man that were ancient even when Caesar himself drove Pompey out of the country via the place we now know as the city of Brindisi, a city we of course also visit.

Bike Tours

We will also cycle through landscapes of olive groves together with our guide who in an interesting and entertaining way shows us the way and takes us on a tasty adventure.

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